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For nearly two decades, MSL Management and Development Corporation has been serving the needs of residential and commercial property owners throughout the state of New Jersey. At MSL, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of customer service to owners and tenants alike. We manage properties in an efficient, cost-effective manner that ensures our client a maximum return on their investment.


When it comes to residential buildings, MSL Management doesn't simply safeguard your investment, we help it thrive. At MSL, we can ensure that your properties are ready to sell and that your business transactions won't be held up by estoppel-related issues. Having an up-to-date Certificate of Inspection (“Green Card”) is vital in this respect. Overseeing the due diligence process, MSL Management will coordinate all the paperwork and inspections necessary for dispositions and refinancing.

We consistently receive the highest marks from regulatory agencies. Just by way of an example, we received the highest possible management review score from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and a similarly impressive REAC score for a 98-unit multifamily property in Lakewood.

At MSL, we will work tenaciously to fill any vacancies in your residential units, but at the same time we will carefully screen prospective tenants. If we give a new tenant the green light, you can rest assured that they are someone who can be counted on to pay rent, and to treat your property with the respect it deserves. We handle the leasing process from start to finish, as well as accounts payable and receivable.

In short, we will ensure that your residential property is properly maintained, and populated by reliable tenants. What that means for you is a dependable, uninterrupted cash flow.

If you're at the point financially where you have properties for rent, that means you've probably developed a knack for seeing the big picture. So why get bogged down in the minutiae? Let us be your detail people.

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MSL Management and Development Corporation provides a full range of maintenance and financial solutions for condo owners.

With individual ownership but a shared common area, condo living presents a unique set of challenges—challenges that we are particularly qualified to address. Condo associations look to us to maintain both their shared living areas and their budget.

By organizing joint contributions of the stakeholders in a condo complex, we ensure that each owner is getting their money's worth. When the mandatory annual audit comes around, the executive board of the association will see that their funds were allocated efficiently, in compliance with both the wishes of the owners and government regulations.

In addition to maintaining the common areas and the finances of the condo association, MSL also helps mediate any disputes that may arise between neighbors. Our goal is to ensure a comfortable living environment and a pleasant atmosphere. Our team of management professionals, financial experts, and skilled maintenance workers, have all the tools necessary to make it happen.

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Do you own a commercial property, but find yourself in need of a CAM reconciliation? Or maybe you want to set up a NNN lease. Some of the questions you're bound to encounter are:

How do I bill my business lessees in a way that is both efficient and equitable for all involved?
How can I keep CAM fees to a minimum?
How do I handle reimbursements to my lessees?

At MSL Management, our commercial leasing experts are here to answer all of these questions and more. We will help manage the relationship between you and your lessees to achieve common area maintenance agreements where everyone walks away a winner.

Other property management firms can miss crucial details when it comes to drafting commercial lease agreements. Ambiguities in the text can come back to haunt you later. At MSL we are customer-focused and detail-oriented, and have the technical expertise and practical experience to prepare you for virtually any contingency.

Did you recently acquire a commercial property as an investment for resale later? We can help with that, too! For example: We managed a strip mall in southern New Jersey on behalf of a client and brokered its sale. The suggested asking price was $950,000, but MSL sold the property for a respectable $1.5 million. Our renovation and management operations add substantial value to properties wherever we go, and that's something in which we take great pride.
Keep your tenants happy, keep your CAM expenses low, and keep the revenue coming in, with MSL's Commercial Property Management Services.

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For the landlord of an office building, their business is to make business possible for the lessee, by providing a clean, professionally-maintained work environment. MSL is the go-to management company for many property owners who know that they can count on us to handle the details.

We can ensure that your facilities are well looked after. From clean corridor areas to a livable office space, our maintenance teams will handle everything. Our people are quick and responsive to tenant maintenance requests, protecting the value of your investment.

Professional tenants have a business to run, and as such are not interested in dealing with the many facets of facility maintenance and repair. At MSL we will work with them, and with the property owner, offering a variety of services and referrals geared toward simplifying things for the tenant, ensuring a more pleasant—and therefore, long-lasting—leasing relationship.

Whether you need help drawing up a lease that satisfies both you and your tenants, or you just need someone to see to the day-to-day upkeep of your office complex, the people at MSL Management and Development Corporation are experts when it comes to helping you attract, and just as importantly, retain commercial tenants.

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When it comes to restoring, maintaining, leasing, and brokering the sale of foreclosed properties, MSL Management has a superior record. MSL has handled the marketing and auction more than 60 different properties for a court-appointed bankruptcy trustee. And in addition to our numerous receivership appointments, we manage a portfolio of properties for the REO departments of banks and investment groups.

The business of taking over a new real estate asset can be confusing, and more than a little intimidating. Former residents are, at the very least, likely to be uncooperative. New REO properties typically come in various states of disrepair, as a previous owner who lapsed on their mortgage is equally likely to have neglected other bills and areas of upkeep. Which utility companies serviced this property? How can we restore water and power to this building? These are some of the questions one encounters with REO acquisitions.

At MSL, we are experts at ensuring a smooth takeover process. We will work with the proper authorities to get the details straightened out. If there is someone still living on the premises, we will work with them to achieve compliance with their financial obligations, or, if necessary, facilitate their eviction.

We're not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty, either. Our experience with fixing up properties and strong management skills often enable us to increase the value of residential units beyond the client's expectations.

MSL Management and Development Corporation services HUD properties and distressed housing. We prepare our clients for DCA and REAC inspections, as well as management reviews. Our in-house maintenance staff offers both efficient response times and cost-effective services.
In addition to physically maintaining your properties, our company will provide you with monthly financial reports, complete with budget analysis. At MSL, we give you the information you need to make informed decisions and get a maximum return on your investment.

Don’t worry.

We can manage it.